Group Walks (full days & half days)

Please note we will be closed for Christmas to spend some much needed time with friends & family
(24th December - 1st January inclusive)


Group Dog Walking (1/2 DAY) $32 

Our group walks are currently full for 2021

In our dog walks we take your dog on a group adventure into the woods near Whistler for a half day of fun, allowing them to run, play and socialise with their furry friends. We play fun games & work on basic commands with positive reinforcement & of course, tasty treats!


Our group walks are currently full for 2021

Heading out Hiking? Biking? Snowboarding? Skiing? 

Need someone to take your furry friend for the full day? Look no further. Biscuit's Petcare offer a full day of fun for your furry friends with our dog daycare.

To be eligible for a full days hiking your pup must have completed a 'trial walk' with our groups prior